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Simplest Video App 4 Meetings

Introducing XiCalls – a cutting-edge video conferencing app designed to enhance your remote meeting experience on the iPhone.

XiCalls revolutionizes video conferencing by seamlessly integrating with your iPhone's calendar for automated scheduling and providing instant video meetings, an audio-only mode, interactive tools, and inclusive participation for up to 9 video and more audio participants. It enriches your meetings by offering personalized virtual rooms, enhanced interaction with features like in-meeting chat and recording, and ensures flexible participation. After each meeting, it delivers automated minutes via email for effortless follow-up. Experience productive and hassle-free virtual interactions with XiCalls, the app that's more than just meetings—it's your personal meeting assistant.

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XiCalls 4 your iPhone Calendar, Meetings & Protocols 

Instant Meetings

Initiate video conferences from your calendar quickly with a simple link.

Interactive Tools

Utilize in-meeting chat and recording for dynamic discussions and protocols

Automated Summaries

Receive concise meeting minutes via email post-session.

XiCalls - Terms of Service and Privacy Notice

Terms of App Usage

Privacy Notice

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