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Einrichtung für wettbewerbsfähige Spiele


XiGaming is set to revolutionize the interactive multiplayer gaming market with its user-friendly app for Apple iOS and the Apple Vision XR Pro headset. Offering unique features such as the ability to swiftly create team gameplay layouts and real-time streaming with low delays, it enhances interactivity and collaboration for gamers and e-sports teams, provides an enriched viewer experience, and allows for the creation of engaging gaming content.

Multi Screen Gaming


Interactive Team
Gameplay Layouts

XiGaming allows users to quickly and easily create interactive team gameplay layouts. This live and interactive system enables teams and players to view, track, and comment on each other's actions in real-time, going beyond traditional streaming solutions that typically only show one player's perspective.


Real-time Streaming
on Platforms 

XiGaming's team gameplay layouts are streamed in real-time on platforms like YouTube or Twitch. This allows viewers to observe the entire team and their interactions live, providing a completely new streaming experience in the gaming industry.

Image by Florian Olivo


XiGaming USP

create an interactive and collaborative team gameplay streaming platform, enhancing team strategies and communication 

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